Sunday, 18 September 2011

The Badab War - Mantis Warrior

Hey guys,
Ever since I saw the new Imperial Armour Badab War books I’ve been tempted to start a Badab War army. This is a test miniature from the Mantis Warriors, one of the four secessionist chapters who rebelled against the imperium. I really liked their fluff and the colour scheme got a nice update from the Forge World team, I didn’t really like the older colours. I want to do a couple more chapters to see which one I can paint relatively fast and see if I can paint an army of them!

Conclusion: I really dig the scheme, the fluff is also very nice as mentioned. They’re a successor chapter of the White Scars, which means they are mongolian-like in appearance which I like a lot! However, the chapter symbol takes a long time to do properly and I still feel like I could’ve done a better job on it. I’d love to do an army of them if Forge World decides to make a decal sheet for them (as they did for the Carcharodons, Astral Claws etc.), but for now it’s probably a no..
The next test model will probably be either a Lamenter or Carcharodon.
I’d love to know your thoughts!


  1. I had wondered where you had dissapeared to dude, then I found a link to this new blog whilst on the AB twitter page :P

    Love the mantis warrior saw it on bolter and chainsword then spotted your user name :)

    made me think of possibly doing a small Fire Angels force instead of my homebrew chapter :P

  2. Nice to see you working on some models again, been too long.

    Mantis Warrior looks excellent. Looking forward to the other test figures, especially the Charcharodon.