Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Golden Demons 2013 - Harlequin Wraithguard

Hey guys,

Last summer I attended the Games Day Germany for the 4th time. After years of talking about entering the Golden Demons I never managed to enter anything, until this year! I decided to paint something relatively simple (ie. no conversions) to avoid running out of time once again. Now I do have to say that I painted this miniature in about a week, due to me slacking once again. Unfortunately my model didn’t get through the first cut, but I didn’t mind. My goal for this year was to finish something for the Golden Demons and actually enter something - and now I did - I do feel proud of my accomplishment.

Now this model is supposed to be a Harlequin-inspired Wraithguard. My initial idea was to do checker patterns throughout the model. However, due to my limited timeframe I decided to skip that. This model was quite a challenge because I never actually blended a miniature before, so with a lot of trial and error the blending came out quite well.

Once again, I’d like to know what you think! :)

PS. Guess how many gems this model has!