Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Golden Demons 2013 - Harlequin Wraithguard

Hey guys,

Last summer I attended the Games Day Germany for the 4th time. After years of talking about entering the Golden Demons I never managed to enter anything, until this year! I decided to paint something relatively simple (ie. no conversions) to avoid running out of time once again. Now I do have to say that I painted this miniature in about a week, due to me slacking once again. Unfortunately my model didn’t get through the first cut, but I didn’t mind. My goal for this year was to finish something for the Golden Demons and actually enter something - and now I did - I do feel proud of my accomplishment.

Now this model is supposed to be a Harlequin-inspired Wraithguard. My initial idea was to do checker patterns throughout the model. However, due to my limited timeframe I decided to skip that. This model was quite a challenge because I never actually blended a miniature before, so with a lot of trial and error the blending came out quite well.

Once again, I’d like to know what you think! :)

PS. Guess how many gems this model has!


  1. Good to see a post from you, been a while...

    Very nice wraithguard, I do like the scheme a lot. I have to admit it doesn't scream Harlequin to me, if you had had the time to do the check pattern it would of probably hit the spot.

    Are you tempted to do a whole squad now or perhaps go back to him and do the pattern as you originally planned?

    1. Thanks, Rictus! Good to see you're still watching my blog.

      I have to admit that the Harlequin theme isn't very strong, but he (or she?) doesn't look like a regular Craftworld Eldar scheme either. I guess he's sort of in the "grey" area?

      I probably won't do a full squad, mainly due to the fact that the blending takes so damn long to do. However, I am planning to revise this current model for an upcoming local painting competition - the checkers you mentioned would be a good addition, indeed. One fear of mine is that when I screw up the checkers I won't be able to go back, fixing the blended area's would be a paint in the butt, unfortunately.


  2. Nice model, the turquoise and black work really well together.

  3. Love this color scheme! I tracked your blog down after seeing this image on the GW flickr! If you had time to go into how you painted this and which colors you used, i'd be overjoyed. Keep up the great work!